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24/05/2023 Microsot Azure Azure Pricing

Tech Tip: Pricing Microsoft Azure Services - the Azure Pricing Calculator

Following my post on the Microsoft Total Cost of Ownership calculator, in this post I'm going to make a quick (and very high level) introduction to the Azure Pricing Calculator. This is a powerful tool provided by Microsoft that enables you to create accurate estimates for the Azure services you're looking to use.
10/05/2023 Microsoft Azure Azure Pricing TCO calculator

Tech Tip: Microsoft Azure Pricing - the TCO calculator

Calculating the cost of cloud services can be confusing. The move from CapEx to OpEx can make it seem like you're trying to compare apples with pears when it comes to working out any cost savings a migration to the cloud could give you. In this post I look at the Microsoft Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator, one of the tools that Microsoft provides to help you out.
22/04/2023 Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud Concepts: Brief overview of the key Azure services

Microsoft Azure is vast! With an ever expanding list of services, it can be daunting to know just what there is available for your company. In this post I give a brief rundown of some of the key Azure services and how they could be a replacement for your existing on-premise infrastructure.
10/04/2023 MFA 2FA Authentication

Tech Explained: A simple explanation of multi-factor authentication and why you should use it

With more and more reports of incidents involving theft of user login data, passwords are increasingly recognised as a weak point in security. In this post I explain what Multi-factor authentication is, and why you should combine it with strong passwords whenever you can.
31/03/2023 Microsoft Accounts Cloud Microsoft 365 Microsoft Azure

Tech Explained: How accounts and authentication works for Microsoft Cloud products

In this blog post I'm going to talk about how Microsoft cloud accounts work, and how you can customise your login to fit your organisation. The purpose of this post is to explain the concepts in a way that is easily understandable to you. Like all our blog posts, I will keep this at a fairly high level and not go into the technical details.