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18/03/2023 Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Redundancy

Cloud Concepts: Data Redundancy with Azure Storage

Microsoft provides various options for redundancy when storing data in their Azure cloud services. Each option provides a different level of redundancy to protect your data. By spreading copies of your data between different locations and geographic regions you can easily balance your level of redundancy with cost to fit your requirements.
06/03/2023 Azure Cloud SaaS IaaS PaaS

Cloud Concepts: Introduction to Azure

In this post I want to give a brief introduction to Azure, describing at quite a high level what it is (in later posts I'll cover it's pros and cons and things to consider if you're thinking of migrating in-house services).
28/02/2023 Microsoft 365 Word

Tech Tip: Transcribe speech in Microsoft Word Online

You may know about the useful feature in Word that allows you to dictate your document, but did you know that the online version of Word also has a transcribe function. Either listen live or upload pre-recorded audio clips and Word will transcribe the spoken text, while also identifying the different speakers.
17/02/2023 OneDrive Microsoft 365

Tech Explained: Sharing in OneDrive work and school accounts

OneDrive for business accounts work differently to personal OneDrive. Sharing in OneDrive can be an excellent way for small teams to work with shared files and folders without paying a premium.
09/02/2023 OneDrive Microsoft 365

Tech Explained: OneDrive continued ... what's the status of my files?

Understanding the information that OneDrive is giving you, through the status icons attached to each file and folder, is key to knowing where your files are situated and solving any problems that you might encounter.